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Elle Rose Bradley 12.18.15

Brittany Bradley

Last April we found out I was pregnant again and it was a huge surprise! We were actually "trying" not to have another baby until after Charlotte turned 1 and also to avoid a due date around the holidays. Well, low and behold not only was I pregnant, but the due date was Christmas Day! We were a little surprised but also very happy since I miscarried a pregnancy just one month before (also unplanned - we clearly need to attend a sex ed class.) I was going to keep the pregnancy under wraps until well into the second trimester but since this was my second go at it, my belly popped out so fast so we decided to share the news with a picture of our first sonogram.  

My uterus was showing in the shape of a heart during this scan!! 

My uterus was showing in the shape of a heart during this scan!! 

Our daughter was only 9 months old when we found out so being pregnant again so soon was, for a lack of a better word, interesting?! I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans for about one whole week before I was back in maternity pants! However, the first few months went fairly well and the only complication I had was being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was a pretty big shock considering I maintained a healthy diet (besides the occasional indulgence) and I wasn't the typical candidate for the disease. After a lot of research I found out that it really had less to do with your current diet and more to do with your placenta and hormone levels. I was able to maintain my glucose levels with diet and avoided taking medication. Both the baby and I really didn't suffer any side effects but my doctor decided to induce me a week early to avoid a higher birth weight. 

On Friday, December 18th, 2015 I went into the hospital at 6:00am started the process of induction. I had to be induced with my first pregnancy so I knew what to expect but of course everything was totally different this time. I started contractions around 12pm and things moved quick since I was already several centimeters dilated. After laboring for a few hours on Pitocin I requested an epidural to help with the pain. An hour later my doctor decided to break my waters to speed things up since baby was head down and ready to go. However, during that process my epidural tube came out of its position and I was no longer receiving pain medication - I could feel everything. I was having such strong urges to push and the baby's heartbeat was starting to drop so there was no time to redo the epidural. After only 6 hours of labor and pushing for less than 10 minutes our second little angel entered the world at 6:17pm screaming and eyes wide! She was 7lbs 5.5oz and 20 inches long. She was placed on my chest immediately and I couldn't stop crying! She was so perfect with a head full of dark brown hair and big eyes. I don't know if it was the shock of delivering without pain meds or the fact that I was just falling so in love with the baby I was holding, I wasn't paying attention to what the doctors and nurses were saying. Come to find out, the baby's umbilical cord was tied in a perfect knot which meant she delivered at just the right time to avoid an emergency C-section.

Recovery was much different this time around. She was almost 1lb lighter than her sister and I also only had an epidural for 2 hours max compared to 15 hours the first time. I also only had a few internal stitches which made a huge difference. I would say that baby number 2 was a much easier delivery (well, minus the whole no pain meds part) and recovery. The second time around I felt more like I had worked out really hard the day before as opposed to feeling like I was bruised and battered!  

After my husband and I spent night staring at her sweet little face we decided to name her Elle Rose. We couldn't wait to introduce her to sister and take her home to enjoy our first Christmas with her in our new home.