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Baby Bradley #2

Brittany Bradley

We are greatly anticipating the arrival of our new baby girl as we get closer and closer to her due date (Christmas Day!!) We got some good news and bad news from my OBGYN this week which is actually making me feel like this is going to happen much quicker than I imagined.

The bad news is, my OB has decided to leave the practice. I was with her for my first pregnancy and delivery and she was the absolute best! She is a very straight shooter but kind and sensitive at the same time. She was so awesome to us when Charlotte had to be admitted into the NICU and she was also very supportive a few months later when I came down with a terrible case of mastitis and had to be hospitalized. Long story short, she is super awesome and when the time comes to have another baby I might have to track her down in the city! 

The good news is, she is staying long enough to deliver this baby! We have actually decided to induce me 1 week early at 39 weeks due to complications with the pregnancy and the fact that because of those complications, the baby will most likely be on the very large side (number 2 is usually bigger and Charlotte was a healthy 8 pounds 1 oz.) I wouldn't be so keen on the idea, but ultimately I had to be induced with Charlotte and the process was not all that bad. I just want to deliver a healthy baby and I trust what my doctor has planned for us. 

Sooo that means we set a date to have this baby girl!! The excitement just got so much greater because there is a light at the end of the tunnel (umm, I feel like I have been pregnant for damn near 2 years.) We still have a lot on our plate considering we are moving in a few weeks and the baby will be here a week before Christmas but I'm so very excited for her arrival! Now we just need a name....