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The life and times of a wife, stay-at-home mom, and vivid dreamer! 


Baby Bradley #2

Brittany Bradley

We are greatly anticipating the arrival of our new baby girl as we get closer and closer to her due date (Christmas Day!!) We got some good news and bad news from my OBGYN this week which is actually making me feel like this is going to happen much quicker than I imagined.

The bad news is, my OB has decided to leave the practice. I was with her for my first pregnancy and delivery and she was the absolute best! She is a very straight shooter but kind and sensitive at the same time. She was so awesome to us when Charlotte had to be admitted into the NICU and she was also very supportive a few months later when I came down with a terrible case of mastitis and had to be hospitalized. Long story short, she is super awesome and when the time comes to have another baby I might have to track her down in the city! 

The good news is, she is staying long enough to deliver this baby! We have actually decided to induce me 1 week early at 39 weeks due to complications with the pregnancy and the fact that because of those complications, the baby will most likely be on the very large side (number 2 is usually bigger and Charlotte was a healthy 8 pounds 1 oz.) I wouldn't be so keen on the idea, but ultimately I had to be induced with Charlotte and the process was not all that bad. I just want to deliver a healthy baby and I trust what my doctor has planned for us. 

Sooo that means we set a date to have this baby girl!! The excitement just got so much greater because there is a light at the end of the tunnel (umm, I feel like I have been pregnant for damn near 2 years.) We still have a lot on our plate considering we are moving in a few weeks and the baby will be here a week before Christmas but I'm so very excited for her arrival! Now we just need a name.... 

Week-in-Review - Halloween

Brittany Bradley

Weekends are not usually a big deal for our family considering our daughter isn't school age yet and my husband does not work a 9-5 M-F job! We also try to avoid major public events and places since we are in NYC and the crowds can be a bit much (I'm talking anything from shopping to sight-seeing, the line at Staples last weekend was 20 people deep.) Most of the time we spend our weekends working or visiting friends/family. However, Halloween just so happened to fall on the weekend so it was an eventful few days! 

On Friday night we attended our annual Bay Ridge CrossFIt Halloween party at Yellow Hook Grill in Bay Ridge. This is always a fun night out for us (even though I've been pregnant for 2 out of 3 of them ha!) because the members of the gym always show up in great costumes and it's so fun to catch up with everyone outside of the gym! My husband and I have done a couples costume every year which always gets a good laugh. Since I am 8 months pregnant we did a play on that with the milkman and a housewife.

Now let's get to the really fun part of the weekend - we got to go trick-or-treating with Charlotte for the first time!! We dressed her up as a little witch, and to our surprise, she actually liked running around in the costume and even kept her hat on the WHOLE time! We got a bit nervous before taking her out because she has having a terrible meltdown after being off of her normal sleep schedule for 2 days! Once we got her to calm down, we put her costume on and went outside to walk around the neighborhood! I didn't think she would actually "get" the concept of trick-or-treating since she is so young but I was totally wrong! The first house we went to she walked right up to the gate and after the woman put the candy in her little bag, she was so excited! She kept checking her bag and examining all of the candy the entire time we were out. She even played with it that night and the next day until I threw it all out because she was begging me to open it all (sorry kid, maybe next year I will actually let you eat some!) It was such a fun day to experience with her and I'm even more excited for her sister to join us next year! 

We finished off the weekend by watching the NYC Marathon on Sunday morning! The runners come off of the bridge from Staten Island into Brooklyn 1 block away from our apartment so every year that we have lived here, we have watched at the end of the street. The local high school marching band plays for each heat of the runners and they are all in what seems to be good spirits considering it is the very beginning of the race! We will be living on the other side of the bridge next year so it won't be as convenient to watch so we lingered for a long while and clapped and waved at all the runners! The weather was perfect and Charlotte was really entertained by all of the commotion so we ended up having a really good time! 

**Our costumes were purchased on Amazon and Charlotte's is from Pottery Barn Kids.

Homemade Pizza - Apple Butter with Prosciutto and Arugula

Brittany Bradley

I was browsing Pinterest this past week and came across a recipe for Apple Butter Pizza with Prosciutto and Arugula. How convenient it was that I just made my own jar of apple butter from a recent trip to the orchard (posts here & here.) Tommy and I will totally try any new recipe especially when it comes to pizza and we are also big fans of making our own versions! We usually try to make healthier pizzas out of whole wheat tortillas but this time we just used pre-made crust from the super market. This pizza turned out to be so delicious and super easy to make (especially with the pre-made crust!) and I would highly recommend the recipe for a fun dinner, a date night-in, or for an appetizer or party! 

The link to the Pin is below as well as instruction on my version! Enjoy! 

Apple Butter Pizza with Prosciutto and Arugula 

Ingredients - 

Pizza Crust (pre-made, dough, or tortillas will all work!), prosciutto, arugula, apple butter, mozzarella, & olive oil. 

1. Simply follow the instructions for the crust or dough or oven temps and timing. If using a tortilla I would recommend a low heat and only about an 8 minute cook time. I used a pre-made crust and put it in the oven brushed with olive oil, spread with a generous amount of apple butter and slices of fresh mozzarella for 10 minutes at 350 degrees directly on the oven rack. 

2. After the cheese has melted and the crust is golden brown, take out the pizza and immediately place the arugula and prosciutto on top! 

3. Let the pizza cool for a moment and then cut and enjoy!